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Portfolio management on commodity stock market

A portfolio is a collection of assets. The assets may be physical or financial like shares, bonds, debentures, preference shares. The investor would not like to put all his money in the shares of one company that would amount to great risk. He would therefore follow the principle that one should not put all the eggs into one basket so that risk may be diversified and overall risk will reduce to a minimum.

Effective Leadership

A study on leadership styles (transformational and transactional), job satisfaction and employees’ turnover intention have been identified in this book. A quantitative research method was adopted in this study. The result has revealed a stronger and significant positive relationship between transformational leadership and job satisfaction as compared to transactional leadership. In addition, significant negative association was found between job satisfaction and turnover intention of the participants. Staff turnover is known to be costly to organization in which the productivity and quality of the products or services are always negatively affected. Therefore, this book discusses the possible way in adopting the leadership style that can increase job satisfaction and overcome staff turnover intention in an organization.

Changing Attitude of Family towards Women in Family Business

Family Business is a business that is owned, controlled and operated by the members of one or more family members. Family Businesses are conducted generation after generation. Usually in the Family Business family members are at the top management in the businesses and they employ people from outside for work in the organisation. Family business is that business in which a majority of the ownership or control in the hand of family members. Family business is the complex system. With the modernisation in corporate world the family business face various challenges like Succession issues, Identity development and Sibling rivalry, Technical problem, Competition, Have unfair reward system, Difficulties to attract outsider professional. The Indian family business is mostly managed by the owner of the business and maximum number of business in India is centralized. Most of the family business is controlled by the creator of business and the head of the business. Now day’s India has the highest share of family businesses in Asia and 663 out of 993 were listed family businesses in India.

The Best Approach to Service Selection

Service selection is the aim of this study that is concluded via developing a model in drilling services of oil and gas industry. This model tries to make it easy for service companies to form a package of services to meet market needs in a profitable way. Since the drilling service market is a very strong competitive environment, it is very difficult to enter market and stay for a long time because this industry depends on various factors that affect providing quality service to cover clients’ demands. With regard to variety of services, that are more than 20 types, and have their own technology level, it is very important to study market in all aspects, and then select a plan to develop and apply suitable services. So the purpose of study is: «Developing a model to facilitate selection of services with appropriate technology levels in Iranian oil and gas drilling companies to achieve a proper service package»

Совершенствование кредитования предприятий на основе fuzzy-алгоритма

Метод нечётких множеств с успехом используется при поддержке принятия управленческих решений в различных сферах банковской деятельности, в том числе, при оценке кредитоспособности заемщиков. Использование Fuzzy-алгоритма позволяет быстро и эффективно оценить кредитоспособность заемщика и принять решение о выдаче кредита. В предложенной Fuzzy-модели использованы пять факторов: коэффициент абсолютной ликвидности, коэффициент промежуточного покрытия, общий коэффициент покрытия, коэффициент финансовой независимости, коэффициент рентабельности. Каждому критерию экспертным путем установлены ранги «Низкий» -L, «Средний»-M, «Высокий»- H и соответствующие интервалы значений от 0 до 100 (или от 0 до 1). Результативным является применение нечеткого контроллера Мамдани, где формируются оценки кредитоспособности юридических лиц.

Исследование процесса управления инновационным развитием в экономике

Раскрыты вопросы методологии формирования системы управления инновационным развитием в экономике. Подробно исследованы роль и направления организационно-управленческих инноваций в институциональных условиях рыночной экономике. Детально освещена проблематика инновационного развития стекольной отрасли России. Для научных работников, преподавателей, докторантов, аспирантов, а также практикующих руководителей.

Building supply chain relationships

Organizations are increasingly looking beyond their organizational boundaries to evaluate how resources can be utilized to survive and grow the business. Different inter-organizational relationships have emerged as important resources in supply chains. The decision about what type of inter-firm relationship (portfolios) is appropriate for a specific circumstance appears complex and demands a particular degree of managerial attention. The effective management of a relationships portfolio requires an understanding of their characteristics which can become complex as the supply chain network grows. While marketing channel theories and supply chain theories can provide some explanation for a wide range of inter-organizational relationships, the existing literature lacks a comprehensive explanation of the interplay between the attributes of relationships, the desired outcomes and differing inter-firm relationships. Consequently, this research seeks to fill the gap in the literature by first explaining the power that relational factors such as trust, power, interdependency, longevity and sharing, have in predicting the types of inter-firm relationships.

Managing People at Work

The book ‘Managing People at Work: A practical approach in the Ghanaian context illustrates some key points in the successful management of people. The book prepares men and women for the exciting, challenging and rewarding career of managing people in Ghana and the international community. It is a very useful guide for managers who do not have much experience in management. It will be of much help to aspiring managers who want to know the difficulties and problems confronting them and how to overcome such challenges. Topics such as disciplinary matters, handling grievances, harassment, bullying and counseling are treated. The book also discusses the qualities of effective managers. Any successful business depends upon the type and quality of the manager and this book contributes a lot in that perspective. The book examines other important issues such as effectiveness, integrity, customer care,delegation and accountability and human resources. This is a good book which ought to be learned by all CEOs, managers and administrators as well as students of Business Management. It is very useful for all Practitioners and Leaders.

Career Management Secrets

The career management secrets that experts and top professionals use. Get results fast with this quick, easy guide to the fundamentals of Career Management. Includes how to: Assess your career goals. Create and follow an exciting career plan. Make yourself visible for your ideal job. Deliver the perfect interview. Get yourself noticed and promoted, or go it alone.

Управление жизненным циклом организации для повышения ее капитализации

Представленная работа основана на анализе принципов циклического развития предприятий инвестиционно- строительной деятельности. С целью управления предприятием, среди существующих методов управленческого учета, исследуется возможность применения инструментария Системы сбалансированных показателей и предложена модель идентификации фазы жизненного цикла строительного предприятия. В зависимости от текущей фазы жизненного цикла предприятие имеет различный потенциал производственной деятельности. В связи с этим, в соответствии с фазой жизненного цикла устанавливаются конкретные показатели Системы сбалансированных показателей на заданном интервале времени. Показан принцип прогрессивного развития строительного предприятия, основанный на обеспечении межфазовых переходов и повышении рыночной капитализации предприятия. Предложены основные подходы к формированию организационно-экономичского механизма управления предприятием.