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International and intercultural public relations

The presented book deals with the central topic international and intercultural public relations and has the aim of finding answers to the questions: how does public relations in a foreign country differ from PR in the domestic market, which country- or culture-specific elements influence PR work and what are the consequences arising from these influences on PR practitioners. First, the terms international and intercultural public relations are defined and classified into corporate communication. Afterwards, influencing elements on PR are identified on the basis of different established studies. These elements are analyzed especially for Germany and South Africa with the aim of drawing consequences for PR practitioners. The results and derivations are referred to the company Kickstart, which is charged with supplying both the German and the South African market with PR content.In addition, a two sided empirical study including qualitative interviews and a quantitative online survey serve to improve Kickstart»s PR activities in the future. In the end, a forecast on international and intercultural public relations is given.

Маркетинг гений

Сегодня, чтобы заниматься маркетингом, вам необходимо быть гением. Рынки невероятно сложны, потребители ещё более требовательны, а конкуренция интенсивна. Маркетинг привносит в бизнес понимание потребителя и творческое мышление, дающее тому опору. Однако он должен сочетать это с аналитической и коммерческой строгостью, управляющей стратегией, инновациями и прибыльным ростом. Гений маркетинга лежит в способности связать внутреннее и внешнее, рынки и бизнес, потребителей и акционеров, креативность и анализ, обещания и реальность, сегодня и завтра. Гениальные маркетологи, также как Эйнштейн и Пикассо, используют интеллект более творческим способом. Они применяли свои правое и левое полушария, чтобы воспользовавшись лучшими возможностями, выделиться на фоне конкурентов и встать во главе бизнеса. Проницательная, провоцирующая и вдохновляющая книга эксперта по маркетингу Питера Фиска сводит воедино трудности и возможности, стоящие перед маркетингом сегодня, и показывает вам, как ввести маркетинг в ваш бизнес, чтобы достичь с его помощью выдающихся результатов. Вы тоже могли бы стать гением маркетинга. Вы к этому готовы?

Work, Consumption and Capitalism

Sonic branding, guerrilla marketing, celebrity endorsements, customer service excellence and multi-channel advertising are just some of the popular sales techniques that currently promote consumerism in contemporary capitalism. Considerable energy is devoted to encouraging consumers to desire new fashions, to celebrate ‘good design’, to have feelings for brands and to immerse themselves in sensory experiences, without worrying about the ethics of their practices. Work, Consumption and Capitalism looks at how consumption is produced by focusing on the multiple kinds of work that make consumption possible, from advertising creatives to fashion designers, from self-service checkouts to the hippest barista in the coolest coffee shop. The text encourages students to consider the place of consumerism in global capitalism to develop their own answers to the question: How is consumption made possible? This wide-ranging study of the relations between work, consumption and capitalism draws on interdisciplinary research in cultural and economic sociology, history, marketing studies and cultural studies. With research tasks and discussion questions at the end of each chapter and case studies throughout, it stands as an accessible introduction for students of Sociology, Business and Management, Media and Communication, Cultural Policy and Cultural Studies.   Listen to a podcast about the book.

Маркетинг партнерских отношений в спорте и образовании

Рассматривается эволюция маркетинга во временном процессе, начиная с ХХ века. Благотворительность, меценатство, спонсорство – вот первые, последовательные шаги в эволюции маркетинга партнерских отношений. Анализируются особенности маркетинга на современном этапе, главная среди которых, взаимоотношения с клиентами. Определяется сущность маркетинга партнерских отношений, его преимущества перед традиционным маркетингом и тенденции развития. Особое внимание уделяется маркетингу партнерства в образовании. Именно эта сфера претерпевает сегодня серьезнейшие изменения, и от выбора партнеров во многом зависит ее дальнейшее успешное развитие. В качестве партнеров у образовательных заведений могут выступать бизнес-структуры, государство и местные органы власти. Эта идея получила развитие в образовательном проекте TEMPUS, описанном в монографии. Подобное партнерское образование в проекте получило название Tetragon. Интересен механизм партнерских отношений между участниками Tetragon.

Industrial Marketing

Generally, industrial organizational tend to be technically oriented-much more interested in a particular product and its technical development. Many managers in such firms are promoted out of engineering and research and development departments. Sometimes technical values tend to dominate their decision- making. When it happens, there is a risk of “becoming so charmed with a technical accomplishment or particular product parameters that the necessary flexibility for responding to customer needs in a competitive market place disappears. It is more serious in industrial marketing due to the complexity of the problems customers are attempting to solve.

The Legal and Institutional Framework

The legal protection for consumers from abuse by market actors has passed several stages of development. The earliest protection was based on laws of contract and extra contractual liability. But these private law mechanisms have not been adequate enough in protecting consumers’ interests. Due to this, later on, consumer protection began to be based on criminal law, competition law and regulatory laws of different nature, as well. However, still, the protections based on these laws have their own limitations. To supplement the limitations of these private and public laws in consumer protection, countries began to enact a separate consumer protection regime. Ethiopia enacted a Trade Practice and Consumer Protection Law in 2010 with the same objectives of protecting consumers in the market place.The legal regimes of this law include the scope of application of the law which applies to any transaction in goods and services. Beside this, the rights of consumers and obligations of business persons are basic substantive characteristics of this law.

Development of Tourism Industry & Marketing in India

India is one of those countries in the world where various types of climate,sea-Beaches,Hill-stations,forest areas,Archeology,Historical regions & Rural Tourisms are available.One may enjoy here with Natural, Adventurous,Religious, wild Tourism and Food stalls in all the seasons. In India,we find to witness a joint phenomenon of folk,Tribal & western Culture in all types of cultural Tourism.India being a secular nation,there are religious tourist sites for all the people of various religious. Chhattisgarh situated in the Heart of India,is a fascinating centre of Tribal oriented plenitude Rural & Natural Tourism.The folk and Tribal music & Dance are the focal points of Public attraction. Especially the fore stay area of Bastar-Dussehra,Ghotul culture and Rajim Kumbh Mela are full of curiosity.The literature of all these pleasant has been prepared in order to its suitableness for tourism,Where the secondary Data & Information of Government of India & Chhattisgarh have also been included for its preparation.We are thankfull to Hon.Chief Minister Dr.Raman Singh & Tourism Minister Mr.Brijmohan Agrawal,along with my family members and Mr.PramilVerma & Sanjay Singh of Chhattisgah Tourism.

Маркетинговый план. Практическое руководство по разработке

Название книги План маркетинга: справочник говорит само за себя. Перед вами четкое и сжатое практическое руководство по составлению маркетингового плана, позволяющее шаг за шагом распланировать маркетинговую деятельность любой компании. Эта книга пригодится как студентам и преподавателям, желающим получить практическое пособие в дополнение к теоретическим материалам, так и маркетологам-практикам, перед которыми стоят сугубо практические задачи.

Hospitality Marketing,

Hospitality Marketing,

Merchants of Buenos Aires 1778-1810: Family and Commerce (Cambridge Latin American Studies)

By the end of the eighteenth century, Buenos Aires was one of the major commercial entrepots of the Spanish American empire. Chief among the beneficiaries of the new prosperity of the area were the wholesale merchants, a group of men who came to control the commerce of the entire Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata.