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An Anthropological Study on NGOs Health Services

In this internship course I have worked in SSKS Smiling Sun Clinic, Uposhahor, Sylhet, Bangladesh. The duration of this course was just two months. In this paper is the total representation of the activities I did here. Especially it’s focus on the health services of Bangladesh. What kinds of primary health care services are provided by the SSKS with the help of USAID. The overall scenario of the health services can find out from here. More or less this paper focused on the maternity health care, family planning methods, child health care, general disease etc. Also it does provide a proper understanding about the program evaluation. Actually it’s the total representation of all the applied anthropological knowledge in the practical field. Also it’s narrate how the NGOs activities ruining in Bangladesh. What is the main policy of the donors. How the SSKS service goes to the poor people. What are the outcome of these services etc. Also specific program evaluation methods and approach are follows for collecting the data from the field level and in the process of evaluation. The outline of the paper specifically focused on the various services provided by the SSKS Smiling Sun Clinic.

Normative Commitment’s Influence on Learner-centered Practices

Globally teaching workforces are becoming more diverse. Hence, this brings a plethora of beliefs and values regarding the teaching and learning process to the classroom. In light of the paradigm shift to learner-centered instruction institutions are at risk of encountering “Cultural Incongruence” in the workplace due to differences in belief and value systems. The misalignment of mindsets within the workforce lead to a lack of commitment to school initiatives. This publication explores how the cultural and educational experiences of teachers dictate the implementation of teacher or learner-centered practices. In addition, the five elements of Pedagogical Identification Manifestation of teachers are introduced as a guide to measure organizational fit. Lastly, themes that define “Cultural Congruence” in the workplace are delineated.

Writer’s Guide to Nonfiction

Writer’s Guide to Nonfiction

Social Networking in Teacher Education

This book is concerned with social networking in teacher education, the impact of social networking on pre-service English language teachers’ metacognitive awareness and why social networking should be integrated into teacher education. Pre-service teacher education has a double role to play in fostering learner autonomy among student teachers and in encouraging them to take the first steps towards autonomy by fostering metacognitive awareness. Nevertheless, there is little research on this issue in the relevant literature. In this regard, pre-service English teachers’ metacognitive awareness may be enhanced through social networking, which may promote professional knowledge development, professional growth, reflective thinking, and more importantly teaching awareness. Social networking can provide the missing piece by offering student teachers great opportunities to reflect upon their learning/teaching processes making them more effective teachers.

Soybean Resistance to Root-Knot Nematodes

Experiments were conducted in the screen house of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Ibadan and the teaching farms of University of Agriculture, Abeokuta in 2001 to screen 48 genotypes of soybean for resistance to Meloidogyne incognita. Large variability in resistance existed among the genotypes and between locations. Frequency of resistance was 9% — 10% compared to 40% — 76% susceptibility when both locations were considered separately. However, two genotypes, which showed resistance to M. incognita in the field, were susceptible in the screen house. Sources of resistance to the nematode were traced to 11 different exotic ancestral accessions from the Asian Vegetable Research Development Centre, Taiwan. High variability in resistance was also manifested by selected ancestral genotypes of the resistant soybeans identified. Fifty-four percent of the grandparent materials evaluated in the ancestry were efficient hosts of the nematode. Although, pooled data showed that nematode infection correlated negatively with plant height, stem girth, number of nodules, branches and pods as well as days to 50% flowering of soybean, means of individual data set for each parameter

Wild Civility

This heuristic inquiry examines if the foundations of social justice knowledge and beliefs are developed as a result of participation in a wilderness program. As a means to provide background knowledge, this study traces the evolution and present day definitions of experiential education, outdoor education and wilderness programs. The historical foundations and present day definitions of social justice are also outlined. This book also delves into the processes of heuristic inquiry, and situated this present study within this qualitative methodology. The specific research methods used in this study are outlined, with results and conclusions presented. This study concludes that certain foundations of social justice can be developed through participation in a wilderness program.

Определись! Лифт саморазвития. Смелость жить (комплект из 3 книг)

Более подробную информацию о книгах, вошедших в комплект, вы сможете узнать, пройдя по ссылкам: «Определись! Мыслительные карты для определения призвания и предназначения» , «Лифт саморазвития. Как не застрять между этажами» , «Смелость жить. Обо всем от признанного эксперта по личному развитию» .

В этом году я… Как изменить привычки, сдержать обещания или сделать то, о чем вы давно мечтали

О чем эта книга Книга о том, как не бояться перемен и найти собственную «формулу успеха» для того, чтобы сделать свою жизнь лучше, добиться поставленных целей и осуществить задуманные планы. Она о том, как найти точку отсчета, с которой позитивные изменения станут постоянными, а мечты превратятся в реальность. Для кого эта книга Эта книга для всех, кто хочет изменить свои привычки, начать выполнять данные себе обещания и добиться перемен к лучшему в жизни. Фишки книги Автор приводит множество примеров из жизни клиентов и знакомых, иллюстрирующих различные ситуации, дает советы и предлагает практические упражнения для достижения поставленных целей. Об авторе М.Дж.Райан — одна из создателей книжной серии Random Acts of Kindness. Входящие в нее книги распроданы более чем миллионным тиражом. Автор книг: The Happiness Makeover, Trusting Yourself, The Power of Patience, Attitudes of Gratitude in Love, 365 Health and Happiness Boosters, The Fabric of the Future, A Grateful Heart. Основатель Conary Press; известный бизнес-тренер и лектор по психологии и саморазвитию; редактор журнала Good Housekeeping. Подписчиком автора можно стать на сайте mj-ryan.com.

The Impact Of Task Design And Performance Conditions On Oral Output

This study investigates the impact of task structure and strategic planning on oral performance. Sixty four upper-intermediate learners of English were randomly selected and assigned to two groups: with pre-task planning and without pre-task planning. Each participant then was asked to narrate two stories (structured vs. unstructured) based on cartoon scripts. The structured task had a problem-solution structure in which the events could not be reordered without compromising the story, while the unstructured task lacked a problem-solution structure and its events could easily be rearranged without losing coherence. The planners were given five minutes to plan their performance, while the non-planners had no time to plan and performed the tasks 30 seconds after they received the cartoon scripts. The data were recorded, transcribed and coded to measure the accuracy, fluency and lexical complexity of participants’ performance. Results indicated that the structured task led to a more fluent performance under the planned condition, while accuracy and complexity remained unaffected. Under unplanned condition, all three variables, accuracy, fluency and complexity, remained unaffected.

Формирование лингвистической компетентности студентов

Монография посвящена решению важной научной проблемы – теоретико-методологическому обоснованию, раскрытию структуры, выявлению особенностей и педагогических условий формирования лингвистической компетентности студентов. Актуальность исследования обусловливается высокими требованиями социума к речевой деятельности выпускников вуза, а также противоречием между необходимостью развития речевой коммуникации студентов и отсутствием соответствующей теоретико-прикладной модели педагогической деятельности. Предлагается концептуальная модель формирования лингвистической компетентности студентов, основанная на системном, деятельностном, аксиологическом подходах и определяемая единством и взаимодействием её структурных составляющих. Реализация данной модели обеспечивает возможность отслеживания динамики продвижения студентов по формированию лингвистической компетентности и управления данным процессом. Обоснованы педагогические условия, обеспечивающие эффективное формирование исследуемой компетентности. Разработана эффективная методика измерения сформированности компонентов лингвистической компетентности студентов.