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Market Leader: Elementary: Business English Teacher’s Resource Book (+ CD-ROM)

The Market Leader Provides: — Business Briefs, providing a theoretical background to the topic of each unit; — Text bank including extra reading materials from the Financial Times®; — Resource bank with extra speaking, listening and writing material; — CD-ROM which includes customisable tests with audio for every stage of the course. Other Market Leader 3rd Edition components: — Course Book with DVD-ROM and online Vocabulary Trainer; — Practice File with Audio CD; — Subscription website: www.market-leader.net; — Test File; — Course Book Audio CDs; — ActiveTeach.


English in Mind: Level 2: Workbook

This second edition updates a course which has proven to be a perfect fit for classes the world over. Engaging content and a strong focus on grammar and vocabulary combine to make this course a hit with both teachers and students. This Workbook provides extra language and skills practice for use both in the classroom or at home. It also includes extra vocabulary exercises corresponding to the expanded lexical sets in the Student’s Book VOCABULARY BANK. STUDY HELP and SKILLS TIPS sections give learners extra support and guidance. The audio content to accompany the workbook is included on the Student’s Book DVD-ROM and on the Audio CDs.

English Adventure 2: Pupil’s Book

At this level a balance of Disney characters and real life situations keep pupils interested and motivated. The focus is on oral communication but the children work more with the written language at this level.

Немецко-русский словарь / Deutsch-russisches worterbuch

Словарь содержит около 90 000 слов, актуальных словосочетаний и значений современного немецкого языка. В словарь включены не только слова литературного языка, но и разговорная лексика, а также наиболее употребительная лексика из самых различных областей современной науки и техники. Словарь будет полезен как для перевода текстов различной сложности, так и при устном общении. Предназначен для широкого круга лиц, изучающих немецкий язык или использующих его в работе.

Culture View: Level 2: DVD Pack

CULTUREVIEW offers a window onto contemporary culture and life in Britain with engaging videos for the teenage student. The videos are accompanied by photocopiable worksheets at two levels: Standard and High. CULTUREVIEW DVD Pack 2 covers six topic areas in 12 videos: Music, Landscape, Media, Animals, Literature, Language. The DVD provides: Six drama sketches of everyday situations, highlighting the use of functional language and natural English. Six cultural documentaries with information about life in Britain today — Full subtitle and scene selection functionality. The CD-ROM provides: Photocopiable worksheets at two levels — Standard and High — for different levels of class and/or mixed-ability classes. Teacher’s notes, answer keys and DVD scripts.

PLPR3   Climb Bk/MP3 Pk


Grammatica Italiana

Questo libro presenta la grammatica italiana in modo semplice ed essenziale. Lo studente potra trovarvi tutte le principali regole della lingua italiana. Ogni argomento e spiegato con schemi ed esempi chiari. La grammatica viene affrontata in modo progressive, dando priorita ai fenomeni linguistici piu frequenti ed utili. Per questo sono evidenziate, se necessario, le forme tipiche della lingua parlata, le espressioni idiomatiche e gergali. Affrontando argomenti spesso trascurati dalle grammatiche tradizionali, il testo puo rappresentare un valido aiuto anche per gli insegnanti. L’appendice contiene un’utile lista con la coniugazione di tutti i piu importanti verbi irregolari.

Einfuhrung in die deutsche Rechtssprache und die Berufskommunikation: Niveau B1-B2 / Введение в немецкий язык права и профессиональную коммуникацию. Уровень B1-B2

Настоящий учебник помогает приобрести базовые знания в области права, освоить основную юридическую терминологию, выучить наиболее часто используемые в профессиональном общении выражения, а также грамотно вести дискуссию на немецком языке. В книге представлены различные по своему содержанию и функционально-стилистической принадлежности оригинальные тексты, которые были адаптированы автором. Тексты соответствуют уровню языковой подготовки В1.Учебник предназначен для студентов-бакалавров, обучающихся по специальности «Юриспруденция», также он может быть полезен тем, кто желает самостоятельно усовершенствовать свои знания немецкого языка в области юридической терминологии и профессиональной коммуникации.

Headway: Academic Skills Listening and Speaking: Level 3: Student’s Book

Headway Academic Skills can be used independently, or alongside a general English coursebook such as New Headway or New Headway Plus. Designed for students moving on to academic studies or for those on a foundation programme, the series focuses on improving students’ academic skills by: -Developing the specific skills required for academic studies through a wide range of topics relevant to higher education. -Exploring strategies to help students with new vocabulary, and to record, vary, and build their vocabulary. -Offering guidance in undertaking research, and in acknowledging sources. -Providing plenty of guided practice as well as freer practice to encourage learner independence.