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Управленческий учет банковских продуктов

Даны рекомендации по группировке банковских продуктов для организации управленческого учета и анализа. Обосновано бухгалтерское информационное обеспечение для управления затратами по функциональным блокам учета банковских продуктов. Установлена взаимосвязь бизнес-процессов банка, вида деятельности, банковского продукта с функциональными обязанностями и выполняемыми в их рамках банковскими операциями для регламентации управленческого учета затрат на производство банковских продуктов. Определены центры ответственности по уровням управления банком. Исследованы подходы к группировке затрат на производство банковских продуктов и даны рекомендации по повышению ее аналитичности. Предложен порядок распределения стоимости встречных услуг между центрами ответственности и их перераспределения для определения себестоимости банковских продуктов. Систематизирована управленческая информация о затратах на производство банковских продуктов в разрезе бизнес-процессов и центров ответственности для формирования внутренней управленческой отчетности. Усовершенствована методика управленческого анализа доходности банковской продуктовой линейки.

Хорошие девочки не становятся богатыми. 75 финансовых ошибок, которые обычно совершают женщины

Сколько раз вам приходилось отказывать себе в важной покупке или поездке на море, потому что вы должны были залатать дыры в семейном бюджете? Сколько раз вы переносили свой отпуск, боясь, что не оправдаете надежд руководства? Сколько раз вы брались за голову, когда из банка приходил отчет о состоянии вашей кредитной карточки? Все эти симптомы «хорошей девочки» были заложены в вас еще в детстве вместе с противоречивыми родительскими установками об отношении к деньгам и собственному финансовому благополучию. Но все не так плохо, как вам может показаться! Опытный специалист по обучению персонала Лоис П.Франкел поможет вам сформировать навыки, которые приведут вас к богатству. В своей книге она не только развенчивает миф о «принце на белом коне», но и преподает основы финансового мышления — обязательного условия достижения финансовой независимости. Если вам надоело сводить концы с концами и вы мечтаете о богатой во всех отношениях жизни, значит, эта книга для вас!

Capital Investment Appraisal (CIA) For England

The application of capital investment appraisal is the key factor for any business to obtain funds. The application has its implications by different available financial options. However this is not a topic of financial investment or project appraisal. An investor decided to invest on the basis of CIA for creating profitable business opportunity. The motivation is the better monitory return and also jobs creation. The decision is to which fund make available for a project which is more promising in estimating present wealth return and benefits in future. The discount cash flow has been examined critically because many companies across Atlantic both in UK and USA are under investing. A dysfunction financial decision due to uncertainty would cost a project to be abandoned that could have been safe by properly judged financial implication through CIA. These problematic areas are primarily the “MISAPPLICATION and MISMANAGEMENT of CIA.” The management is blamed for not enough awareness. Whereas some aware managers among other decision makers unfortunately could not get access to such research academics. The institutions like SME’s must accept the importance of CIA technique.

Breeding Investigations in Advanced Generation Populations of Bhendi

Bhendi is known by many local names in different parts of the world. For example, it is called ladies finger in England, gumbo in the United States of America and bhendi in India.grown for its tender fruits in tropics, subtropics and warmer parts of temperate region.Okra has several uses. Its fruits can be cooked in a variety of ways. It can be fried in butter or butter oil and cooked with necessary ingredients. They can be boiled and served with soup. The roots and stems of okra are used for clearing the cane juice from which gur or brown sugar is prepared.In some places, the plants are soaked in water and the resulting solution is used as a clarifier in manufacture of jaggery.This fruit vegetable, greatly appreciated in many countries, is used as condiment or binder in sauces. Its nutritional value is sufficient for supplementing an unbalanced diet. A short biological cycle, large and easy to manipulate flowers, autogamous and allogamous mode of reproduction, early and protracted flowering, fruit harvest just three days after flowering, a high added value in the off season are all priori assets for breeding okra.

Introduction to the Corporate Annual Report : A Business Application

Book DescriptionIntroduction to the Corporate Annual Report Includes pre-selected annual reports or students can select their own company. The book stimulates a cross-functional learning experience (i.e., learning activities are integrated across disciplines) and goes beyond the common focus on whether or not to invest in a company. It requires students to link a company’s strategic focus to its financial resources, market opportunities and make a decision about its future. And the book offers perforated pages and space for student reponses to facilitate delivery of assignments and ease of grading.


This research uses bank-level data and macroeconomic factors to assess the following two questions: (1) Does the external environment influence the occurrence of failure of small banks? (2) In terms of goodness-of-fit, do macroeconomic indicators improve model performance? These issues are addressed for the Italian Cooperative Banks using an unbalanced panel model. The results show that local geographical variables do matter in the estimation of the probability of failure and that model performance improves after their introduction in the analysis.

Customer satisfaction on sisa card service:dashen bank (Ethiopia)

These days cost is increasing and competition is intensifying virtually in any industry, therefore, the failure or success of a business organization depends on its ability to leapfrog with new technology; in other words, technology determines the destiny of businesses (Aschalew, 2010). There is evidence showing that the competition in the Ethiopian banking sector is becoming sharper and sharper. Dashen bank has made a ground-breaking effort in the introduction and expansion of payment card service in Ethiopia. Although Dashen bank is the pioneer to use Visa card in Ethiopian history, the researcher believes that not only the use of new technologies but also assessing their level of satisfaction is important to cope up with the persistently mounting competition in the sector.

Rethinking Bursary in Financing Secondary School Education

Participation in secondary school education has come to focus in many developing countries who now regard it as basic education and want full participation in the cycle if they have to record faster socio-economic development. However, they face the quandary of removing the costs that impede students’ participation. This has prompted governments to introduce tuition free secondary education which largely, has boosted secondary school participation rates. But even with this measure, a section of students regarded as the bottom poor have still failed to gain access to secondary school education prompting governments to introduce bursary subsidies. This book documents evidence from Kenya’s bursary subsidy scheme. It highlights the inequalities in the disbursements, curruption and nepotism facing the scheme and recommends measures that could correct an otherwise good intentioned scheme.

Организация и обеспечение трансформации отчетности российских предприятий в отчетность по МСФО

Рассматривается содержание Международных стандартов финансовой отчетности с использованием системного, комплексного подхода для анализа, взаимосвязанного с другими областями знаний: корпоративным управлением, финансами, аудитом, оценкой. Представлены трансформация отчетности ЗАО «Санофи» в соответствии с МСФО и ее аудит, а также даны рекомендации по результатам аудита финансовой отчетности ЗАО «Санофи». Практические и теоретические материалы монографии могут быть использованы в научных исследованиях по вопросам теории учета, проблемам международной стандартизации учета и отчетности, а также в учебном процессе высших учебных заведений и системе дополнительного профессионального образования при формировании программ и преподавании учебных дисциплин, затрагивающих вопросы содержания и применения МСФО.

Financing Small Manufacturing Firms

The main concern of this book is to discuss whether there is a finance gap, represented by limited access to medium or long term institutional finance for small firms, and what problems small manufacturing firms encountered in obtaining loans, particularly bank loans, in Turkey. This study includes a review of financial literature regarding the types and sources of institutional finance available to small firms. In this study,an empirical work carried out among 93 small Turkish manufacturing firms. Four hypotheses were examined. The relevance of the survey findings to the financial literature as well as to other surveys» results was examined. Some recommendations were made on how to diminish the problems encountered by small Turkish manufacturing firms in obtaining institutional finance, particularly bank loans.