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Reading Strategy Training and Its Impact on Comprehension Skills

This book is designed to help EFL teachers who often conduct reading skills course for students in different areas of specialization.In addition, since it contains different strategies to foster reading comprehension, teachers of various subjects can use it to help their learners in showing directions to read courses with understanding which eventually results in academic success. Similarly, the book is important for learners who have difficulties on reading. They can see and use the strategies stated depending on the context of the reading: length of the text, the given time, structural complexity and the amount of information included in the text. And, they can practice the strategies through various reading skills questions which are designed to test different levels of comprehension. The book also serves as an input for researchers who are conducting research on reading skills.

Конспекты комплексно-тематических занятий. Cредняя группа. Интегрированный подход

В сборнике представлены конспекты проведения непосредственно образовательной деятельности детей средней группы, составленные в соответствии с федеральными государственными требованиями к основной образовательной программе и обеспечивающие интегрированный подход к организации образовательного процесса. Занятия по формированию целостной картины мира, математике, конструктивной, продуктивной деятельности, развитию общения и компонентов речи, приобщению к словесному творчеству на каждую неделю объединены по тематическому принципу. Пособие является дополнением к сборнику «Перспективное планирование в детском саду. Средняя группа. Реализация ФГТ» («Скрипторий 2003», 2012), в котором раскрывается деятельность детей в режиме дня, и адресовано педагогам дошкольных образовательных учреждений.

Nano-Silica: Synthesis, Characterization and Application

One of the important chemistry branches is Nanotechnology, and the number of the application this field in the society. Nowadays many scientists and researcher work on this field. Nano silica, metal oxides, etc. synthesis, charectrisaton and application study in laboratory or institute is followed. This component can be used in medicine, agriculture, military purpose, etc field. For this purpose nano silica synthesis very narrows size by different methods. Nano material are nano silica compound, metal oxide, propellant, nano polymer, etc are used in different area. Today Government supports this field and inspires the students and researchers. Now a day SEM, TEM, XRD, etc the invention of the scanning provided visualization, atoms, bonds and particle size was successfully used to manipulate individual atoms.

Everybody?s Guide to the Internet (Paper Only)

Everybody?s Guide to the Internet (Paper Only)

Анизотропия упругих свойств монокристаллов металлов кубической системы

В книге излагаются результаты аналитических исследований авторов анизотропии упругих свойств монокристаллов металлов кубической системы.Получены в явном виде выражения для компонент тензора коэффициентов упругой податливости в произвольных кристаллографических направлениях. Выявлены инвариантные комбинации этих компонент, на основе которых установлены связи между техническими характеристиками(модуль Юнга,модуль сдвига,коэффициент Пуассона) упругих свойств кубических монокристаллов,проверенные на монокристаллах ряда металлов.На основе полученных уравнений для компонент тензора коэффициентов упругой податливости проведен анализ ауксетических свойств монокристаллов 18 металлов кубической симметрии.Сформулировано в общем виде необходимое условие ауксетического эффекта для монокристаллов любой симметрии, а также необходимое и достаточные условия для монокристаллов кубической симметрии.Получены в явном виде уравнения для расчета скорости ультразвука в произвольном кристаллографическом направлении кубических монокристаллов.Предложена ультазвуковая методика определения модулей упругости произвольно ориентированных кубичеких монокристаллов,использованная для определения их модулей упругости

The Myth of the French Bourgeoisie – An Essay on the Social Imaginary 1750–1850

The Myth of the French Bourgeoisie – An Essay on the Social Imaginary 1750–1850

Recycling Of Sugar Mill Effluent For Spirulina Platensis Cultivation

The Sugar mill effluent was collected in the present research and used for the cultivation of Spirulina platensis. The physico-chemical characteristics of the Sugar mill effluent were analyzed. The Blue Green Algae Spirulina platensis was cultivated in conical flask containing Zarrouk’s medium with three different concentrations of Sugar mill effluent (50 ml, 75 ml and 100 ml/lt). The Direct microscopic count, optical density and dry biomass of S. platensis was high in SP4 followed by SP3 and SP2. The least microscopic count was recorded in SP1. Phycocyanin was extracted from harvested S. platensis by homogenization with Sodium phosphate buffer of pH 6.8 and subjected to freezing, thawing and centrifugation. The protein content, moisture and ash, crude fat, total carbohydrates, total phenolics, chlorophyll, carotenoids and phycocyanin content was estimated. The biochemical contents of Spirulina platensis were high in SP4 followed by SP3 and SP2. The least biochemical content was recorded in SP1 (control. This present research improves the production of the Blue green algae Spirulina platensis in future and prevents the environmental pollution emerging from the Sugar mill effluent.

Ecological Aspects of Nitrogen Metabolism in Plants

Ecological Aspects of Nitrogen Metabolism in Plants

The 19th Wife

For the first time in six years, Jordan returns from California to Utah, to visit his mother — in jail. As a young boy he was expelled from his family’s secretive polygamous Mormon sect. Now his father has been found shot dead in front of his computer, and one of his many wives — Jordan’s mother — is accused of the crime. Over a century earlier, Ann Eliza Young, nineteenth wife of Brigham Young, second Prophet of the Mormon Church, tells the sensational story of how she battled for her freedom from her powerful husband, to lead a crusade to end polygamy in the United States. Bold, shocking and gripping, «The 19th Wife» expertly weaves together these two narratives in an enthralling epic of love, family, murder and faith. Формат издания: 12,5 см х 20 см.

Euthanasia, Death with Dignity and the Law

Many advocates of euthanasia consider the criminal law to be an inappropriate medium to adjudicate the profound ethical and humanitarian dilemmas associated with end of life decisions. ‘Euthanasia,Death with Dignity and the Law’ examines the legal response to euthanasia and end of life decisions and considers whether legal reform is an appropriate response to calls for euthanasia to be more readily available as a mechanism for providing death with dignity. Through an analysis of consent to treatment, living wills and autonomous medical decision making, euthanasia is carefully located within its legal, medical, and social contexts. This book focuses on the impact of euthanasia on the dignity of both the recipient and the practitioner while emphasising the legal, professional, and ethical implications of euthanasia and its significance for the exercise of clinical discretion. It will provide a valuable addition to the euthanasia debate.