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Energy market’s overture in Hungary

From last decades, liberalizations of markets is a major change in the European economy. This book explains strategies of a state-owned company, towards its market’s overture. The concrete example of the study is the Hungarian company MVM. This work helps to understand how a state-owned company can and may react after liberalization of it’s market. The overture of markets such as electricity generates strong structural changes for all actors. Electricity market is complex due to technical aspects and strong national state-owned companies. Studying this sector in Hungary is relevant thanks to current economic system and geopolitics situation of the country.

Managing Knowledge throughSocial Networking

We purport to discuss the representation of explicit knowledge and its role in knowledge management as observed on relevant literature. The report begins with the description of how knowledge building in On-line environment takes place. Then it is followed by literature review of knowledge engineering. We also discuss the knowledge representation schemes and various forms of knowledge representation schemes and we discuss the literature which aims to throw light on when and how semantic web came into picture. Then we discuss emergence of the social web. Literature acknowledges the prime role of social media in representing the explicit knowledge and sharing it as well through certain types of forms of it. We have discussed the types of blog sites also as they are the key players in for letting people to express their knowledge in explicit form. We also discuss the Cases analysed for Comparative Study of Various Forms used in Representations of Knowledge.

Political Realities & Their Social Base in Peter Abrahams Fiction

Peter Abrahams, an important and influential writer has his spiritual home in South Africa and now settled in the Carribean Islands. His writings provided the encouragement and example to the leading writers of Africa: Chinua Achebe and Ngugi wa Thiongo. The development of his thought over his writing career indicates how African literature has attempted to deal with power, race and culture. This book is about his concerns and insights as a writer, the political colour that beswept his select novels: Mine Boy, Wild Conquest & A Wreath for Udomo, and his idealism for universal human integration which is of particular interest. Abrahams search for identity and his envisioning of a global Pan-African counter-history of Black becoming gives his works a profundity. For Abrahams Blacks continue to be defined in the binary racialist paradigms that define ‘coloured’ people as lacking in intellect and therefore the ‘other’ – the pain, the frustration and the agony that empowered him to revolt against the reality that “Biology is destiny in South Africa”.

Impact of Job Satisfaction on Mental Health

The present study entitled “impact of mental health on job satisfaction among nurses working in government hospital and private hospitals” The major aim of the study was to assess the impact of mental health on job satisfaction among nurses working in government hospital and private hospital. The sample of 200 (100 of government hospital & 100 of private hospital) was chosen from Gulbarga district on whom the job satisfaction and mental health scales were administered. After scoring the data were subjected to t-test. The result revealed that there is significant impact of mental health on job satisfaction of the sample. The study also revealed significant gender difference in the amount of job satisfaction.

Праздничные блюда

В этой книге собраны рецепты для праздника: салаты и закуски с овощами и фруктами, с сыром и курицей, изысканные супы, среди которых французский, испанский, греческий, бесподобные блюда баранины, свинины, телятины, индейки, кролика, горячее из рыбы и овощей, вкуснейшие сладкие блюда и особенные напитки. Рецепты написаны просто, подробно, понятно и снабжены пошаговыми фотографиями. Иллюстрации выразительны, продукты доступны, советы уместны.

The Effectiveness of Co-operative Learning

Cooperative learning is an approach to organizing classroom activities into academic and social learning experiences. Aim of the study was to analyze the effectiveness of cooperative learning method in select schools in Bangalore. The study was conducted in two phases. In the first phase a school that practices cooperative learning method as one of its teaching technique was selected. Students were observed and documented during a cooperative learning session. Still pictures and video recording was taken during the session. A semi-structured interview was conducted on two teachers who were specialized in cooperative learning method. In the second phase,a school that does not implement cooperative learning as one of its teaching technique was selected.To study the effectiveness of this method,a cooperative learning session was organized and implemented. Still pictures were taken. A semi structured interview was conducted on two teachers who were specialized in lecture method. The finding show that when this method was implemented observed on both the schools, it was found that cooperative learning was the most effective method as the success was very high compared to lecture method.

Luminescence Study of Silicate and Vanadate based Phosphors

The phenomenon of luminescence, its different forms with distinct mechanisms, and their applications in diverse fields have equally fascinated and engrossed technologists, engineers, and scientists from different disciplines. Luminescence is emission of light by a substance not resulting from heat, it is thus a form of cold body radiation.Luminescent materials are called phosphors. Review of the challenging work in the pursuit of finding better phosphor materials,and innovative applications; carried out by scientists world-wide, and a little contribution in form of the results of research on Silicate and Vanadate based materials, will of interest to many students, teachers and researcher of this field.

Письма Николая Рериха. В 3 томах. Том 1. 1921-1924

Впервые публикуются письма Н.К.Рериха, периода 1921-1924 гг., из архивного собрания Музея Николая Рериха в Нью-Йорке. Значительная часть писем переведена с английского языка на русский. Во вступительной статье освещена деятельность выдающегося русского художника Николая Рериха в России — периода, предшествующего культурной работе художника в Америке.

Информационно-управляющие системы и прикладная теория случайных процессов

Учебное пособие анализирует проблематику информационно-управляющих систем (ИУС). Центральную часть книги составляет анализ линейных и нелинейных динамических систем, работающих в условиях случайных возмущений и помех и ограниченных интервалов наблюдения. Рассматриваются вопросы дискретно-непрерывных преобразований сигнала, обоснован выбор временной области для анализа процессов в указанных условиях; проведен выбор адекватного математического аппарата и приведены необходимые сведения из теории случайных процессов. Приводятся вывод соотношений и инженерные методики для количественного описания процессов в линейных и нелинейных динамических объектах с использованием данных их нормального функционирования и для решения задач идентификации. Уделяется внимание оценке надежности систем, а также рассматриваются общие вопросы обрамления системы, включая работу в локальных вычислительных сетях, и некоторые вопросы разработки интегрированных систем и работы в реальном времени. В приложение вынесены описания и результаты компьютерного моделирования, подтверждающие изложенную теорию. Для студентов и аспирантов, обучающихся по направлениям, связанным с информатикой и вычислительной техникой, радиотехникой, автоматизацией и управлением, управлением качеством, а используемый математический аппарат может привлечь внимание специалистов и научных работников, занимающихся прикладной математикой и информатикой.

Towards a Missional Theology for African Diaspora in North America

Missional theology as it has evolved in North America is not attending to the unique needs of African diaspora. It has failed to take note of African diaspora existential conditions. The African diaspora, stands at the intersection of multiple forces affecting global Christianity. It embodies distinctive theological elements that have the potential for redefining the understanding of theology of mission and ecclesiology within a global context. In this dissertation, I have laid the groundwork for developing a missional theology that is criticized, challenged, and influenced by the experience of AICs and the African theology. I have developed a more relevant and transformative missional theology for AICs, and an understanding of how the experience of AICs can inform North American missional theology. In attending to the above, I have argued that the North American missional theology developed in the past few decades (which is geared toward the needs of a mainline church declining in membership) has much to learn from the missional experiences of AICs.