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Our Discovery Island: Level 4: Pupil’s Book + Access Code

Each level of the «Pupil’s Book» contains a Welcome unit and 8 units each designed for 2-3 hours of class per week. Each unit includes a cross-curricular lesson and a «phonics» lesson. The access code printed at the back of the book gives pupils and parents unique and safe access to the Online World.

Adobe® Acrobat® 9 PDF Bible

Adobe® Acrobat® 9 PDF Bible

Three Essays on the Inflation Targeting Regime

This book comprises of three empirical essays on adopting the inflation targeting regime in Egypt. It sets out to answer the following questions: (i) Can the central bank of Egypt(CBE)achieve the goal of price stability under the currently applied monetary targeting regime? (ii) Is the legal independence granted to the CBE under the latest legislation promulgated in 2005 factual? (iii) Does the CBE maintain an implicit target for the FX rate? Does the CBE follow an independent monetary policy? Which variables have priority in the reaction function of the CBE? How far can foreign economic shocks explain the behavior of real GDP and price level in the Egyptian economy compared with domestic economic shocks? And which monetary transmission mechanism channels play a dominant role in the Egyptian economy?

Neural Units and Adaptive Evaluation of Time Series

First, this research work establishes the theory of novel artificial neural architectures with higher-order nonlinear synaptic neural operation and with adaptable time delays in both the state feedback and neural inputs. The higher-order nonlinear aggregation function, especially together with time-delays as neural parameters of neural units, increases the computational capability of the static and dynamic neural units and thus simplifies the neural architecture and minimizes the number of neural parameters necessary for complex system approximation. The parallel between the novel neural architectures and a real biological neuron is drawn especially with focus on higher computational capability expected from single neurons. The applications to the approximation and control of systems are shown. Second, a novel methodology based on utilization of the proposed neural architectures for adaptive evaluation of variability in complex signals is established. The methodology is based on observation of neural parameters during the adaptation. Results are shown on sensitive sample-to-sample detection of changes in dynamics of highly chaotic time series and HRV (R-R diagrams).

Macmillan English 3: Practice Book (+ CD-ROM)

The Practice Book contains practice exercises for the Language Book activities. It is intended for children to complete for homework or for quiet class time. Practice Book pages should be done when the corresponding page in the Language Book has been finished. If there is time at the end of the Lanuge Book lesson, teachers may like to go through some or all of the exercises orally before children work independently.

Full House

Rosie moved out when she got married, but it didn’t work out, so now she is back with her parents. Helen is a teacher and doesn’t earn enough for a place of her own. Anthony writes songs and is just waiting for the day when someone will pay him for them. Until then, all three are happy at home. It doesn’t cost them anything, and surely their parents like having a full house? Then there is a crisis, and Dee decides things have to change for the whole family… whether they like it or not.

Making Progress in Russian 2th Edition text and student CD package

Making Progress in Russian 2th Edition text and student CD package

Wicked Widow

Wicked Widow

Математические основы Золотого правила нравственности. Теория нового,альтруистического уравновешивания конфликтов в противоположность «этогоистичному» равновесию по Нэшу

Золотое правило нравственности гласит: «Поступай по отношению к другому так, как хотел бы, чтобы он поступал по отношению к тебе». В качестве математической модели Золотого правила выбрана концепция равновесности по Бержу, новое направление в теории бескоалиционных игр. Такой подход позволил авторам, во-первых, установить существование равновесия по Бержу в смешанных стратегиях при непрерывных функциях выигрыша и компактных множествах стратегий игроков. Во-вторых, предложить способ практического построения равновесий по Бержу. В-третьих, исследовать равновесие по Бержу при неопределенности. Наконец, много внимания уделено приложениям к моделям конкурентной экономики. Книга адресована специалистам в области принятия решений в сложных управляемых системах, аспирантам, магистрантам, а также всем заинтересованным читателям.

Land Tenure, Housing and Low Income Earners

In Uganda Land Tenure is private and land ownership is in the hands of the citizens. Housing provided on a commercial basis by the government Construction Company and Real Estate Companies eludes most low and middle income earners. The majority of citizens hence acquire the much needed housing through private land purchase and self-help incremental construction. This thesis is an iterative qualitative case study exploring the contribution of the current land tenure arrangements to the empowerment of these low income earners in form of how they acquire housing, how they invest their savings, and how they provide the much needed shelter. The study also highlights how land and housing improves the property ownership and income situation of the poor in urban areas in Uganda. The study further explores the various forms of land tenure and how their security is increased; the challenges to acquiring land rights and housing; and the use of property as collateral. The conclusion urges for the increase of land rights of the poor. A strong case is made for more participatory bottom-up settlement planning and more stakeholder involvement and the incorporation of poor into the mainstream.