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Extraction of Chromium(VI) From Waste Water Using Bio-adsorbents

Recent literature indicates that the adsorption characteristics of the bio-adsorbents are being successfully evoked in effectively removing the polluting ions from waste waters. While probing the bio-materials of different plants for their ability to control polluting ions, we noticed affinity between toxic Chromium (VI) and adsorbents derived from some herbs like Achyranthes aspera, Mentha and Emblica officinalis; shrubs like Hybiscus roja- sinensis, Ocimum sanctum and Psidium guajava; trees belonging to the fabaceae family viz., Tamarindus indica , Acasia nilotica Indica and Acacia Arabica; and some Other trees: Ficus benghalensis , Syzygium cumini, and Azadirachta indica. The present work is a thorough study on the optimization of physicochemical parameters for the maximum removal of Chromium (VI) from polluted waters. The methodologies developed are applied to diverse waste water samples collected from industrial effluents and polluted lakes. The procedures are found to be remarkably successful in removing the Chromium (VI) from waste waters.

Antimycobacterial Activity of Selected Medicinal Sudanese Plants

TB is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide.It threatens one-third of the world’s population and is the most common opportunistic infection in HIV/AIDS. TB is a major health problem in Sudan, which like other African countries is subject to the dual epidemics of TB and HIV/AIDS. The annual risk of TB infection in Sudan is a large country with a diverse population and history of civil conflict. Poverty levels are high with a gross national income per capita of less than two thousand dollars.Given the past contributions of natural products to drug discovery and given the fall in the number of new medicines introduced each year FDA drug approvals down from ~40 in 1996 to ~20 in 2006,it seems surprising that natural product based drug discovery has fallen so far out of fashion with the pharmaceutical industry.Some of the reasons behind that shift are caused by the difficulties in accessing natural products in ways that are compatible with high throughput screening.For the above reasons, selection of new strategies to evaluate and discovery of new anti-mycobacterial against Mtb harboring the pSMT1 plasmid carrying genes for Vibrio harveyi luciferase, novel drug-screening.

Frommer?s® New England?s Best–Loved Driving Tours

Frommer?s® New England?s Best–Loved Driving Tours

Советское поколение и Геннадий Зюганов. Время решительных

Книга В.И.Суханова, очевидца описанных событий, ровесника довоенного поколения необычна. В ней показаны яркий колорит совете кой эпохи и скрытые механизмы разрушения великой державы. Автор проводит читателя по коридорам и закоулкам Власти периода Сталина, Берии, Маленкова, Хрущева, Брежнева, Горбачева и наших дней. Приводятся малоизвестные факты из их жизни. Книга заставляет задуматься читателя над тем, как во главе России оказался Ельцин. На фоне бывших и ныне действующих политических деятелей автор выделяет личность Геннадия Зюганова — председателя ЦК КПРФ, логично и убедительно проводит мысль о необходимости прихода к власти в России коммунистов и патриотов.

Impact of Mobile Banking on Microfinance Institutions

The goal of this project was to measure the impact on the usage of mobile banking technology by the microfinance industry. This project used SMEP, a local MFI in Kenya as a case study. Kenya was chosen because of its successful mobile payment service offered by Safaricom called M-PESA, as well as the convenience to the researcher in collecting data. This report provides detailed information on the advantages and challenges facing microfinance institutions in the implementation of mobile banking technology and ultimately strives to highlight the great potential of such technologies to increase access of financial services to the un-banked population.

Curiosity and Pilgrimage

Curiosity and Pilgrimage

Lazy Functional Languages – Abstract Interpretation & Compilation

Lazy Functional Languages – Abstract Interpretation & Compilation

Global Ethics: An Introduction

The field of global ethics draws on traditions of moral theory, mostly derived from western philosophy, in order to address moral problems specific to an increasingly globalised world. This book provides an accessible introduction to the field of global ethics for students of politics, international relations and globalisation. It offers an overview and assessment of key perspectives in global ethics and their implications for substantive moral issues in global politics. These issues include the morality of state and non-state violence, the obligations of rich to poor in a globalising world and the scope and nature of international human rights. The aim of the book is to help non-specialist students understand the assumptions underpinning different moral traditions and to enable them to make up their own minds about the best way of approaching moral judgment and prescription in a shared world, which is nevertheless marked by massive cultural differences and inequalities of power.


В жизни московского промоутера Германа Ластова было все: успешное дело и любимая женщина. Но в один миг все исчезло, оставив странные знаки. В поисках потерянной любви Герману суждено выбраться из привычной суеты мегаполиса и проникнуть в другой мир, прочувствовав обратную сторону города с его пороками и оголенной психопатологией. Призраки прошлого не дают покоя, посылая сигналы и ведя по заранее заготовленному маршруту. Исчадия ада поднимаются на поверхность, а привычное существование переворачивается вверх дном, превращая его самого в потустороннее порождение тьмы…

Методика профессионального обучения. Развивающее обучение. Учебное пособие

В учебном пособии приведены теоретические аспекты развивающего обучения, направленные на развитие у студентов профессионально-творческого мышления в процессе овладения методами обучения.Материалы пособия могут быть полезны студентам при написании курсовых работ по психолого-педагогическим дисциплинам.