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Русский язык. 4 класс. Стандартизированные материалы для итоговой аттестации (+ CD-ROM)

В книге даются методические рекомендации для проведения итоговой работы по русскому языку для выпускников начальной школы. Задания итоговой работы содержатся в пособии «Русский язык: Стандартизированные материалы для итоговой аттестации: 4 класс: Варианты 1, 2». В книге описываются цели итоговой работы, структура и со­держание обоих вариантов итоговой работы, особенности за­даний, даются рекомендации по проведению работы, проверке и оценке результатов выполнения отдельных заданий и работы в целом. Сформулированы предложения по интерпретации и использованию результатов, достигнутых каждым учеником и классом в целом. К книге прилагается компакт-диск, на котором содержится компьютерная программа для ввода и обработки результатов выполнения работы, а также задания двух вариантов итоговой работы.

Agglomeration economies or comparative advantages matter in China

Coast-interior gap in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) in China has been seen increasing; however, the diffusion trend across provinces has become more obvious. The determinants of regional distribution of FDI among Chinese provinces have been examined using data in 28 Chinese provinces from 1985 to 2007. Alternative theories divided determinants explaining FDI location into three subgroups: agglomeration economies, comparative advantage and location tournaments. The results provide support for the agglomeration hypothesis and some determinants in comparative advantages. Among four proxies for comparative advantages, wage and GDP per head have expected effect on FDI while the effect of infrastructure is statistically insignificant. Surprisingly, human capital shows a puzzling opposite sign at high significant level. Tax rate, a proxy for location tournament, shows a significant and negative effect on FDI. Tax incentives seem to magnify the role of agglomeration economies, but the effect of GDP per capita is diminished when tax is included in the regression.

Joseph Fourier, 1768-1830: A Survey of His Life and Work

Beyond being the first substantial publication on Fourier, this work contains the text of Fourier’s seminal paper of 1807 on the propagation of heat, marking the first time it has ever appeared in print. This paper incorporates many of the mathematical creations on which Fourier’s fame rests, including derivation of the diffusion equation, the separation of the treatment of surface phenomena from internal phenomena, the use of boundary values and initial conditions, and the development of «Fourier series» and the so-called «Bessel functions. «When submitted to the examiners of the Institut de France, the originality of the paper and the surprising nature of some of its mathematical revelations caused great controversy, and it was denied publication both in 1807 and in later years. Fourier had the support, among the examiners, of Laplace and Monge, but Lagrange was adamantly in opposition, so that Fourier’s work did not appear in print until 1822, reworked into book form. Fourier’s mathematical discoveries are intimately related to his interest in the solution of physical problems and their experimental verification. The mathematical methods he developed in connection with heat diffusion apply to physical situations far beyond the boundaries of this area. Generally, Fourier may be credited with one of the first major extensions of mathematical physics beyond the applications of Newton’s laws of motion and universal gravitation.The opening biographical chapter of this book follows Fourier’s career up to the submission of the 1807 paper, and the two closing chapters take up his life and work from that point on. Fourier had strong political motivations and spent much of his life in the public service. These chapters trace his political difficulties, both before and after 1807, when he was the prefect of a department of France and was subjected to the dislocations of Napoleon’s ups and downs. These chapters also describe aspects of the turbulent but productive development of French science from the Revolution to 1830.The core of the book presents the paper of 1807 in its original French and with the original notation. Grattan-Guinness has divided the paper into sections by the sequence of the problems taken up, and he introduces and, where necessary, closes each section with commentary relevant to Fourier’s later work in these areas. The paper itself allows the chronology of Fourier’s discoveries, and among the topics treated are, in this order: heat diffusion between disjoint bodies and in continuous bodies; the appearance of partial differential equations; the special solution for the lamina; sine and cosine series for an arbitrary function; reflections on the vibrating string problem; solution for the annulus; the full Fourier series for an arbitrary function; reflections on n-body analysis; solution for the sphere; solution for the cylinder; steady-state diffusion in the rectangular prism; time-dependent diffusion in the cube; and Fourier’s experimental work.

Дом у озера

Корнуолл, 1933 год. Элис Эдевейн живет в красивом поместье вместе с семьей. Дни текут привычной чередой, а идеальному миру, лишенному забот, ничто не угрожает. Но однажды случается непоправимое — таинственно исчезает Тео, младший брат Элис. А вскоре после этого находят бездыханное тело друга семьи. Что это — самоубийство или преступление? И если самоубийство, то могла ли причиной стать пропажа Тео?В 2003 году детектив Сэди Спэрроу оказывается в Корнуолле. Гуляя по лесу, она случайно обнаруживает заброшенный дом — тот самый, в котором произошла трагедия. Мысли о безутешной семье и бедном ребенке не дают ей покоя, и она решает раскрыть это дело и найти Тео… или его убийцу. И шанс на это все еще есть, ведь Элис жива, а значит, надежда на правду пока не иссякла.

Towards Privacy Preserving Publication of Continuous and Dynamic Data

Privacy-Preserving Data Publishing (PPDP) has become a critical issue for companies and organizations that would release their data. Many organizations collect and distribute personal data for a variety of different purposes, including demographic and public health research. In these situations, the data distributor is often faced with a dilemma: how to publish this personal data for analysis purposes without endangering the privacy of the concerned individuals? Disseminating such information without the privacy scare is an important problem. On one hand, the data publishers need to protect the privacy of individuals and on the other hand, it is also extremely important to preserve the usefulness of the data for the researchers. In this dissertation, we mainly focus on crafting the notions of privacy in various settings. We show that spatial indexes are extremely efficient for data publication tasks due to their ability to scale up. Also, sequential data is being increasingly employed in a wide variety of applications and the publication of sequential data is of utmost importance for the betterment of these applications.

High-Tech Careers for Low-Tech People

High-Tech Careers for Low-Tech People

Advanced Integral Calculus

The book offers a second course on Integral Calculus (of functions of real variables) for Graduate and Engineering students. Convergence (including uniform convergence) of improper integrals and various tests of Abel, Dirichlet and Weierstrass for the same are discussed. Improper integrals of quotient functions of various forms are evaluated. Integrations of continuous functions of 2 variables are discussed in relation with differential and integral properties of parameters in the functions. Eulerian integrals: Beta and Gamma functions, their transformation properties, relations connecting them, reflection and duplication formulae for the Gamma function and Frullani»s integral are given. Double and triple integrals giving volume and areas of surfaces are discussed in the last 3 chapters. Numerous examples are solved illustrating the methods of change of order of integration. Dirichlet»s integrals of 2nd, 3rd and pth orders are evaluated. Transfor- mations of integrals into 2 and 3-dimensional polar coordinates including Dirichlet»s and Liouville»s integrals are given. A short bibliography of the subject and an alphabetical index are added at the end.

The Quick and Easy Cookbook for Kids

This lively cookbook is full of mouthwatering dishes to suit every taste. Each recipe is accompanied by detailed step-by-step notes and illustrations, and a full-colour photograph of the finished dish. With helpful tips on hygiene and healthy eating, as well as useful kitchen information, this is just the thing for young chefs!

Русские изобретатели. Великие открытия. Головоломки, лабиринты

Эта книга о талантливых людях и их изобретениях. С ней вы узнаете о том, как Лодыгин создавал электролет, а придумал лампочку, за что крестьянина Артамонова высекли розгами, а царь подарил ему вольную. Кто изобрел первый велосипед? Трамвай и ледокол? Радио, телевидение, кино и компьютер, самолет, вертолет, сотовый телефон, электромобиль и лазерный пистолет? 56 изобретений и все это открытия русских ученых! Головоломки, лабиринты, увлекательные задачки, потрясающие иллюстрации — всё, чтобы ваш ребенок полюбил науку и знал её героев. Книга без сомнения, будет интересна не только детям, но и взрослым.

Питер Пэн

Перед вами книга из серии «Классика в школе», в которой собраны все произведения, изучающиеся в начальной школе, средних и старших классах. Не тратьте время на поиски литературных произведений, ведь в этих книгах есть все, что необходимо прочесть по школьной программе: и для чтения в классе, и для внеклассных заданий. Избавьте своего ребенка от длительных поисков и невыполненных уроков. Сказочную повесть Джеймса Барри ПИТЕР ПЭН изучают на уроках литературы в 6-м классе.