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Справочное пособие в схемах по «Экономике организаций (предприятий)».

По каждой теме дисциплины дается перечень основных категорий, их определение, раскрываются функциональные особенности и базовые характеристики. Использование различных видов схем существенно облегчает процесс самоподготовки к занятиям, экзаменам и зачетам, позволяет лучше систематизировать материал. Приводятся контрольные тесты. Для студентов, обучающихся по экономическим специальностям, преподавателей, а также для руководителей и менеджеров предприятий.



Breeding Investigations in Advanced Generation Populations of Bhendi

Bhendi is known by many local names in different parts of the world. For example, it is called ladies finger in England, gumbo in the United States of America and bhendi in India.grown for its tender fruits in tropics, subtropics and warmer parts of temperate region.Okra has several uses. Its fruits can be cooked in a variety of ways. It can be fried in butter or butter oil and cooked with necessary ingredients. They can be boiled and served with soup. The roots and stems of okra are used for clearing the cane juice from which gur or brown sugar is prepared.In some places, the plants are soaked in water and the resulting solution is used as a clarifier in manufacture of jaggery.This fruit vegetable, greatly appreciated in many countries, is used as condiment or binder in sauces. Its nutritional value is sufficient for supplementing an unbalanced diet. A short biological cycle, large and easy to manipulate flowers, autogamous and allogamous mode of reproduction, early and protracted flowering, fruit harvest just three days after flowering, a high added value in the off season are all priori assets for breeding okra.

Who Stole the News?

Who Stole the News?

Русский язык и культура речи. Учебник

В учебнике полно и системно изложен курс «Русский язык и культура речи», включающий в себя также основные разделы функциональной и практической стилистики. Главная задача книги — развить стилистическую грамотность в области как письменной, так и устной речи, научить оценивать литературные качества текста. Соответствует актуальным требованиям Федерального государственного образовательного стандарта высшего образования. Для студентов высших учебных заведений, обучающихся по широкому кругу направлений и специальностей.

WIE Engineering Fluid Mechanics

WIE Engineering Fluid Mechanics

The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life

«A child of privilege with one of the most familiar surnames in America, Trump has managed to avoid many of the pitfalls that routinely plague children of the rich and famous (reckless partying, drug abuse and other mindless self-indulgences) to become a focused, successful woman in her own right-a model, entrepreneur and vice president of the Trump Organization. Eager to share what she’s learned at some of the best schools in the country, as well as from her driven, successful parents, Trump is straightforward and fully self-aware, realizing that readers will dismiss her achievements as simple nepotism; as such, she owns her privilege, acknowledges her advantages and then sets about disabusing readers of their presumptions with intelligent, well-conceived, positive advice; unbridled ambition; and a strong measure of graciousness and humility. Throughout this self-help memoir, Trump has sprinkled succinct, practical quotes from famous associates like Arianna Huffington and Tory Burch, bringing further weight to this young career woman’s accomplished work». Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc.

Gig Journal Jazz Pd08/10/09

Gig Journal Jazz Pd08/10/09

Флагман Флотилии. Выжить вопреки

Наш современник, морской офицер, попадает в созна-ние командира монитора «Ударного», корабля Дунайскойфлотилии, в 1940 год, перед самым началом Великой от-ечественной Войны. И теперь он Иван Прохоров, старшийлейтенант.Знание, а самое главное понимание причин начальныхпровалов в войне заставляют его внедрять новые методыборьбы с вражеской авиацией.Не имея возможности раскрыть происхождение инфор-мации и знаний, Прохорову приходится рисковать…За него техника и технологии, а против — гении от раз-ведки и войны.

Fundamentals of cavitation treatment of multi-component environments

The lectures is devoted to theoretical basis of cavitational technologies. Much attention is given to phenomenological and mathematical models of cavitational influence on multi-components environments (emulsions, suspensions, water systems, etc), as well as methods for calculating the supercavitational equipment. Technological application in heat-and-power engineering, constructing, agriculture, transportation, nanotechnologies is proposed. The present lectures gives valuable information on supercavitational equipment structure, which was used in various branches of industry. The energy effectiveness and ecological safety of technological processes, formed on cavitational effects, and availability of further investigation is shown. Innovative research outcomes for desalination of underground and sea water, as well as conditioning of industrial and waste water in production and reuse of sewage in closed water supply systems are presented in the lectures. Facts and statistics on the cavitation technology application for various branches of industry: construction industry, energy, engineering, agriculture, medicine, etc.Intended for students in the specialty 01.02.05 – “Mechanics of liquid, gas and plasma” (PhD) and also can be useful for students studying in the programmes “Technosphere Safety”, «Thermal Engineering and Heat power «, etc.