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Былины русского народа

В книгу «Былины русского народа» входят сказы русского народа о трёх богатырях: Илье Муромце, Добрыне Никитиче и Алёше Поповиче, о знаменитом сражении Ильи Муромца с Соловьём-разбойником, о битве Алёши Поповича с басурманами и победе Добрыни Никитича над страшным Змеинищем-Горынищем.Былины в пересказе А.Н.Нечаева входят в программу начальной школы и будут полезны при подготовке к урокам.Для младшего школьного возраста.

A Level Playing Field – African American Athletes and the Republic of Sports

A Level Playing Field – African American Athletes and the Republic of Sports


There’s not much keeping Ian McDermott in Spokane, but at least it’s home. He’s been raising Sammy practically on his own ever since their mom disappeared again on one of her binges. They get by, finding just enough to eat and plenty of time to skateboard. But at Morrison High, Ian is getting the distinct, chilling feeling that the administration wants him and his board and his punked hair gone. Simply gone. And when his temper finally blows–he actually takes a swing at Coach Florence and knocks him cold–Ian knows he’s got to grab Sammy and skate. Run.Their search for the one relative they can think of, their only hope, leads Ian and Sammy across the entire state of Washington in the cold and rain–and straight into a shocking discovery. Through it all, Ian knows exactly what he has to do: protect Sammy, and let no one split up their family of two. Michael Harmon tells a nuanced and unflinching story of wilderness survival, the fierce bond between brothers, and teen rage–and redemption.

The Road

Вашему вниманию предлагается антикварное издание 1910 года «The Road».

National Academy Press: Sin0–american Education Exchange & Supplements

National Academy Press: Sin0–american Education Exchange & Supplements

Immortal Nights

In a sizzling new argeneau novel from New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands, an impulsive rescue pairs a sexy immortal with the woman made to be his for eternity Abigail Forsythe’s life hasn’t been easy lately. Still, if there’s one thing guaranteed to take her mind off an empty bank account and abandoned dreams, it’s a naked man locked in a plane’s cargo hold. A very big, incredibly gorgeous naked man. And when instinct prompts her to free him, Abigail must rely on this stranger for survival . . . a stranger who leaves her thrumming with need every time they touch. Tomasso Notte knows he’s found his life mate in Abigail. Now he just has to hold on to her. They’re miles from civilization, hunted by his kidnappers. Abigail has no idea of Tomasso’s abilities, or of how intensely pleasurable their unique connection can be. But he’s about to show her, beginning with one wild, hot, immortal night . . .

Sonic Technologies: Popular Music, Digital Culture and the Creative Process

In the past two decades digital technologies have fundamentally changed the way we think about, make and use popular music. From the production of multimillion selling pop records to the ubiquitous remix that has become a marker of Web 2.0, the emergence of new music production technologies have had a transformative effect upon 21st Century digital culture. Sonic Technologies examines these issues with a specific focus upon the impact of digitization upon creativity; that is, what musicians, cultural producers and prosumers do. For many, music production has moved out of the professional recording studio and into the home. Using a broad range of examples ranging from experimental electronic music to more mainstream genres, the book examines how contemporary creative practice is shaped by the visual and sonic look and feel of recording technologies such as Digital Audio Workstations.

Father Christmas

Christmas is a magical, but busy time for everyone, especially Father Christmas. Join him on his sleigh as he delivers his presents on Christmas Eve. This delightful book is not only full of sparkle, but it has touchy-feely textures and windows to peep into, too. Формат: 21,5 см x 21,5 см.

Lehmann Modern Probs Of Pharmcopsyctry – Non–trycy Clic& Non–monamine ?oxidase? Inhibitors

Lehmann Modern Probs Of Pharmcopsyctry – Non–trycy Clic& Non–monamine ?oxidase? Inhibitors

Святитель Амвросий Медиоланский. Собрание творений. Том 2

Во второй том собрания творений святителя Амвросия вошли трактаты, посвященные темам девства и мариологии. Все тексты представлены на латинском языке и в русских переводах.