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Diode laser and NaOCl as root canal disinfectant

Enterococc faecalis considered to be the mostresistant bacteria of the root canal, in the presentstudy we used two types of root canal disinfectant toshow their effect on this type of bacteria, the firstis the diode laser and the second NaOCl solution withspecial concentrations and times. the study conductedon human decoronated extracted teeth, adjusted with13mm root length, filled with a suspension of E.faecalis, Samples were divided into 14 groups eachgroup consisted of 10 prepared roots, sixty sampleswere irrigated with NaOCl solution at differentconcentrations (0.5%, 2.5% and 5.25%) at twoselected times (2 minutes and 5 minutes) for eachconcentration.Sixty samples were irradiated at different powers (2W, 2.5W and 3W); each power at thetotal irradiation time 30 and 60 seconds. Whencomparison was made between NaOCl irrigant and diodelaser in a combination among differentconcentrations, powers and times the result showedthat 5.25% NaOCl at both 2 minutes and 5 minutes hadthe highest antimicrobial effect with no significantdifferences from 3W laser / 10 sec (6 cycles) butsignificantly different from 3W / 5 sec (6 cycles).

Девушка с часами вместо сердца

Представьте себе, что женщина, которая разбила вам в юности сердце, а потом ушла из вашей жизни на двадцать лет, неожиданно появляется вновь и просит о помощи. Найдете ли вы в себе силы ответить отказом? Если эта женщина так же прекрасна и обольстительна, как Лиана Дектер, она обязательно уговорит вас доставить пятьсот тысяч долларов ее престарелому любовнику — человеку, у которого эти деньги были похищены. И тогда вам останется лишь одно: молиться о том, чтобы выжить…

Fraud 101

Fraud 101

Божья аптека. Лечение дарами природы

В настоящем издании объединены материалы семнадцати брошюр серии «Божья аптека», заслужившей добрые отзывы православных читателей. Автор-составитель этих брошюр И.В.Киянова получила множество писем с благодарностью за свой труд и с просьбой выпустить его в одной книге, что с Божьей помощью и произошло. Книга «Божья аптека» уникальна своей практической полезностью: в ней кратко и ясно даны описания болезней и их симптоматика, способы приготовления лекарств из натуральных продуктов, предложен полный перечень простых и доступных рецептов традиционной народной медицины, указаны противопоказания в применении трав, плодов и кореньев.

Farm Ultimate Sticker Book

With 250 reusable stickers, your child will discover all about farm animals, including horses, pigs and cows, and the fields and pens that they live in. Packed with fun facts for kids which support Key Stage 1 teaching, learn all about the farm, the animals that live there and the farmer’s tractor with DK’s eye-catching photographic stickers.Kids will enjoy spending hours completing the entertaining activities and learning all about the farm with Farm Ultimate Sticker Book.

Stress Hormones and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:,167

Stress Hormones and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:,167

Литература. 7 класс. Учебник. В 2 частях. Часть 1

Учебник «Литература» для 7 класса («Путь к станции «Я»») соответствует Федеральному государственному образовательному стандарту основного общего образования. Является продолжением непрерывного курса литературы и составной частью комплекта учебников развивающей Образовательной системы «Школа 2100».Может использоваться как учебное пособие.

Regional Sustainable Development under the Crisis’ Impact

The global economy is not able to face the crisis’ impact. This is why the economists try to find new solutions and approaches, in order to support the economic recovery and to continue the economic sustainable development. Maybe the best solution is the regional approach. There are a lot of definitions of the regions and more and more approaches of them. The present book realizes a synthesis of those approaches as a first step to a deeper analysis of the regional socioeconomic development. A distinct part of the book analyses the most important regional models used by the decision makers in order to support their political interventions. Moreover, the author propose new static and dynamic regional models able to offer new possibilities of analysis to the decision makers. Last but not the least, the book realizes dynamic comparative analyses between EU28 Member States. The analysis and the conclusions of every chapter are supported by the latest official statistic data, pertinent diagrams and tables.

Collins Mini English Dictionary in Colour

This new edition of Collins Mini English Dictionary, in colour, is fully up-to-date, including the most popular new words to enter the English language. Collins Mini English Dictionary is the ideal portable companion for all. The handy little dictionary gives you practical, applied knowledge in your pocket. It contains clear definitions for all the words you need on a daily basis and provides tips on spelling, and help with difficult pronunciations. The clear colour layout makes the content easily accessible and suitable for immediate use. Includes a brand new supplement tackling problems of style and etiquette in everything from letters to emails to social media sites.

Veterinary Protozoology

Animals as well as humans are facing protozoological problems in the daily life. It is necessary to control and understand the problem of protozoan and to understand their mode of transmission. This will help a lot to understand this subject. The animals,livestock, public health, food born and water born problems could be addressed by this manuscript. Moreover a direct approach could be achieved to overcome these metropolis problems, especially related to this tiny organisms.