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Этот набор отлично подойдет для деток, которые перешли от вырезания плоских фигурок к 3D-моделированию, т.е. созданию объемных моделей. Ребенок сможет собственными руками смастерить настоящий функциональный сундучок — с выдвижным ящичком, открывающейся крышкой — и хранить в нем свои детские сокровища.

Реальный самоучитель английского языка. Начальный уровень (+ CD)

Самоучитель предназначен специально для русскоязычных учащихся. В него входят все основные грамматические темы, необходимые для изучения английского языка. Особое внимание уделено темам, которые не имеют аналогов в русском или противоречат привычным правилам и нормам родного языка. В самоучителе даны понятные и подробные объяснения учебного материала, задания для тренировки всех видов речевой деятельности, множество текстов и диалогов, а также тестовые задания, которые помогут проверить знания по важнейшим темам. Аудиоприложение поможет поставить произношение и научиться воспринимать иностранную речь на слух и улучшить произношение. Учебное пособие предназначено прежде всего для изучающих английский язык самостоятельно, однако будет полезно и тем, кто изучает язык в учебном заведении, на курсах или с преподавателем. Оно подойдет как изучающим английский «с нуля», так и желающим повторить базовый курс английского.

The ABC Book of Machines

Tip trucks and toasters! Clocks and cranes! Machines are all around us, helping us every day. Come and explore the fascinating world of machines.

Cosmic: Level B2: Workbook (+ CD-ROM)

This lively and bright, revolutionary new course starts from the teen point of view bringing their real world into the classroom. From the very first page «Cosmic» seeks to stimulate students with subjects that leap from the page. Based on their experiences and interests they discover the world and themselves through issues related to them while constantly recycling skills and practice for different international exams.

Mistress of the Empire

Mistress of the Empire

Development and Performance Evaluation of a Sugarcane Juice Extractor

In Nigeria several attempts have been made in the development of sugarcane juice extractor in order to solve sugarcane juice extraction problems. The extraction of sugarcane juice provide room for transporting macerated cane stalks in the field to the sugar processing industry for use with the aim of reducing the numbers of trips and bulk load involved in transporting harvested cane stalks to the processing industry for direct processing. A sugarcane juice extractor equipped with slider crank component and serrated spikes tooth on a revolving cylinder as grating unit was developed for effective maceration and extraction of sugarcane juice. The performance evaluation of the slider crank based sugarcane juice extractor was undertaken using five grating speeds: 602, 765, 791, 1176 and 1520 rpm, to determine the machine’s grating capacity, grating efficiency, extraction capacity, extraction efficiency, juice yield, fibre content, moisture content of the macerated cane stalk after juice extraction, machine losses and brix value. Average values of measured parameters obtained from the five grating speeds were also used in plotting graphs. A number of predictive equations were developed.

Assessment of the Impact of absenteeism

Absenteeism is one of the biggest problems facing education. Therfore it has been subject to an intensive research. Most of the resaerch done on this phenomenon intended to determine its major causes in order to solve the problem.Findings have not always been consistent due to the variation of the determined causes from one study to another.The present study explores teachers’ and students’ views regarding causes and solutions for absenteeism in the English department at the Faculte of Letters, Arts, and Humanities (FLAH) of Manouba. Additionally, the study assesses the link between absenteeism and grades. The aim is to determine causes and solutions for absenteeism and to examine the impact of class attendance on students’ academic performance. The present study is intended to shed light on the motivational components involved in students’ decision to attend and not to attend classes.The motivation to undertake this exploration stems primarily from the researcher intention to contribute to an ongoing body of research aiming at identifying determinants of academic success.

Wiley GAAP 2008

Wiley GAAP 2008

Microgrid Architectures and Maintenance

Over the past several years, power demand is immensely increasing in isolated mode or grid connected mode of applications continuously due to the growth in demand of various classes of consumers like domestic, industrial, agricultural, and etc. To meet this, various conventional power plants are operating by using fossil fuels as major resource. But in future, these resources may evaporate, and need to look for the availability of alternative energy sources, and hence renewable energy based hybrid power system is designed. Combining several different types of power sources will forms a system, which is known as «Hybrid Power System”. This book gives an overview of different architectures of HPS and also energy, load forecasting, and maintenance scheduling of the plant by using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN).

Expected Returns

Expected Returns